In order to achieve the assumed priorities, as well as to fulfill the mandate and the vision, CSU Ştiinţa Bucureşti channels its entire activity on three priority axes:

A. Institutional development 

Strategic objectives:

Specific objectives:

1. Obtaining an adequate space for the registered office in which the activity should take place in optimal conditions

Performance indicators:

Concluding a contract in order to own a space with a registered office.

2. Obtaining new gyms/training fields

Performance indicators:

Concluding advantageous contracts from a financial point of view for carrying out sports training activities and organizing sports events.


Specific objectives:

1. Creation of new sports sections
Performance indicators: Number of sports sections.

2. Resizing the administrative apparatus of the institution according to its development.

Performance indicators:

Number of compartments in accordance with the achievement of the objectives and the institutional mission. Increasing the number of administrative staff in line with institutional needs.

B. Development and promotion of the club’s activity

I.Strategic objectives:

Specific objectives:

Affiliation with other sports federations and attracting more athletes and coaches with performance in the field

Perfoemance indicators:
1. Number of affiliations

National and international promotion of the University Sports Club Science Bucharest

2. Number of athletes and coaches with relevant performances in the field

Strategic objectives:

1. Achieving sports performance by each sports section of the club
Performance indicators: Each sport’s section rankings

2. Development of projects in partnership with similar prestigious institutions in the country and abroad and with representative companies operating in areas of interest

Performance indicators: Number of partnerships

3. Organizing sports competitions in the country, as well as active participation in such events organized by similar institutions in the country and abroad

Performance indicators:
– Number of organized competitions
– Number of competitions that we’ve been part of

4. Obtaining sponsorships and donations to increase the budget allocated to concrete actions

Performance indicators: Value of sponsorships and donations

5. Acquiring a leadership role in the sports industry

C. Supporting the activity of athletes, coaches and technical staff

Strategic objectives
1. Obtaining sponsorships and donations to increase the budget for food allowance and allowances for athletes and technical staff

Number of sponsorships/donations

Development of university sports infrastructure