CSU Stiinta Bucuresti
CSU Stiinta Bucuresti


Știinta Bucharest is a student sports club that operates according to a western management strategy and good practices. Like the American and Western European universities, Știința Bucharest aims to turn ambitious students into high-performance athletes, and ambitious athletes into individuals concerned with their careers and professional training.

Cupa Campionilor Europeni

Știința Bucharest was started in 1949, first as a handball club in 11. In 1961 Bucharest enters the history books as the first city to win the European Women’s Handball Champions Cup. The winner of the final of that first edition was called Știința Bucharest, with the general score of 13-5 in the double with Dinamo – Prague.

Club Studențesc formator

Știința Bucharest – A Student’s Club, addresses young people looking for a complete personal development, through school and sports. We talk to people who, from a natural momentum, are in constant motion and produce effects around them, training others through contagion.


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Știința Bucharest